About Us

At Footlink, our ultimate mission is to dedicate ourselves to create comfortable, great fitting, functional yet fashionable shoes without compromising the health aspect. This is achieved by working hand-in-hand with people like foot care doctors, nurses and technology experts as well as a team of skilled and inspired craftsmen who merge fashion, function and quality materials into one goal which is to design, innovate and manufacture high quality and stylish footwear to people while taking care of their precious feet.

Our Vission

Prefered health Footwear

Our Mission

While we continue to grow and innovate, we will never lose sight of our core value which is treating our customers, partners, suppliers and each other with honesty, integrity and respect. This core value is integral in continuously striving to succeed in producing reliable quality and healthy footwear with state of art breakthrough in the footwear industry.

Our Concept

Our footwear are designed in accordance to stringent bio-mechanical and healthy footwear guide. These two concepts will offer the wearer a more healthy and comfortable fit and be able to perform prolonged standing and walking activities. The cushioning comfort and shock absorption, the elements in Footlink’s range of footwear are the solution to the common yet excruciating foot problems such as foot pain (arch pain, heel pain, ball of foot pain), ankle pain, knee pain, lower back pain, swollen foot and diabetic foot. The range is also suitable for complicated foot problems caused by arthritis, geriatrics, osteoporosis, obesity and many others.

Footlink continues to aspire to provide its customers the perfect footwear that takes excellent care of the feet.

‘It makes us happy to make footwear that makes people happy’



When you step into Footlink footwear, you are aligning your kinetic chain. This means enhanced performance with less pain and fatigue.



Our footwear provide support to the ankle, guiding the foot through natural movement while preventing over pronation or over supination.



The feet are the foundation of the body. Our footwear give the necessary support base to provide balance and control from the ground up.

Comfort. Relief. Performance.